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Peppermint: A film about Jennifer Garner waging war on a Mexican Drug Cartel lol. This film smells like trasholla. Lord white folk tryna sell Jennifer Garner as an action star... I ain't buying. I can't. Release date September 7th

The Nun: One of the devil's minions is tryna to possess someone so that it may walk the earth,  yada yada yada, there's an exorcism, you know the rest. The review is below. Release date September 6th

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Predator: Oh look, Hollywood's making another remake. I'm not really looking forward to this film but will definitely see it because it's a cult classic and I'm a fan of the original. They might as well have casted the Rock in this movie.  Release date September 14th

White Boy Rick: A White teenager becomes the biggest drug dealer in the neighborhood... Really? I'ma see it off gp, but I'm not enthused. Release date September 14th

House With A Clock In It's Walls: I am very much so looking forward to this film. I'm a huge science fiction fan and I know Jack Black will not disappoint. Release date September 21st