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Predator: Oh look, Hollywood's making another remake. I'm not really looking forward to this film but will definitely see it because it's a cult classic and I'm a fan of the original. They might as well have casted the Rock in this movie.  Release date September 14th

White Boy Rick: A White teenager becomes the biggest drug dealer in the neighborhood... Really? This film was a little more entertaining than I expected. The review is below. Release date September 14th

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House With A Clock In It's Walls: I am very much so looking forward to this film. I'm a huge science fiction fan and I know Jack Black will not disappoint. Release date September 21st

Hell Fest: “On Halloween night at a horror amusement park, a costumed killer begins murdering innocent patrons who believe that it’s all part of the festivities.” This seems like another cheap, weak ass horror film but I’m more than likely gonna tune in. Release date September 28th

Night School: “A group of misfits are forced to attend adult classes to prepare for the GED exam. I’m not really looking forward to this film, it’s seems like a throwaway. However, I support the black community so I’ll be in the theatre back and center upon it’s release.”  
Release date September 28th